User Experience

Hi, I’m Jide and I’m a multidisciplinary artist. My UX/UI projects are typically phased in these steps research, sketch, wireframing, identity and front-end development. Typically my process involves hearing out the core problem, setting up timelines, defining the project’s basic functions, creating a hi-fi prototype for testing and finally theming with a nice UI. Below are a few case sudies of my work.

Case Studies
Design: Figma, Photoshop, Lightroom, Dimension, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Studio
Build: Elementor, Editor X, Squarespace
Agile: Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, Miro


Who is our audience, what do they like, dislike, what would they love to see. What inspires them?


What can be an idea that not only connects our client to the consumer but does that in a unique and interesting way?


How can we use the information we got from asking the clients relevant questions around his persona to shape beautiful experience?


How does our design scale across different platforms, how comfortable are our test users with the product? Is it good to go?