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AI-Enhanced Meetings for Quick-Paced Teams

Beebop: A comprehensive tool for hosting, summarizing, searching, and sharing video meetings effortlessly, without the need for extra add-ons.

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Beebop’s in-built features are so impressive, they’re bound to captivate dedicated Zoom users – Fast Company

Teams rely on Beebop for improved meeting experiences

Maximize every call’s potential using AI
Eliminate administrative tasks and follow-ups. Beebop provides instant AI-generated summaries, real-time action items, transcripts, and recordings. Use MeetingGPT to bypass non-essential meetings and quickly grasp any conversation’s key points in moments.
Conduct meetings that attendees are eager to join

Beebop streamlines meetings with visible agendas, timers, emojis, and notes, reducing confusion and boosting productivity. Activate live transcription effortlessly, without cumbersome add-ons.

Minimize your toolset for streamlined operations
Simplify with one comprehensive meeting tool – manage agendas, notes, transcripts, recordings, and summaries all in one place, eliminating the need for expensive external tools or additional storage.
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What customers are saying
Beehop, as a cornerstone for remote collaboration, enables learning and teamwork across different time zones, becoming an indispensable tool for our operations.

Matthew Obidai
CEO, Flaxcore

Video meetings made better with Beebop

One-Click Live Transcription

Instantly transcribe meetings with a single click

Integrated Meeting Management

Agendas, notes, timers, and emojis all in one interface.

Efficient Collaboration Tools

Streamline your meeting process, reducing the need for multiple tools

Comprehensive Meeting Records

Store transcripts, recordings, and summaries in one centralized location.

Cross-Time Zone Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration among remote teams across various time zones.

Robust Security and Privacy

Strong focus on securing your video conferences and team knowledge.

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Safeguard your team’s intellectual assets.
Our commitment to privacy and security in video conferencing is unwavering.
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