Creating a Repayment platform for Canacedde Financial

Implement a self-service, settlement negotiation application that allows users modify various input parameters to reach a binding, self negotiated agreement with CFG.

Canacedde is a platform that provides a secure and cheap way for customers to repay their debts. Customers can offer a significant amount of money in a form of an installment plans.


Designs Tools: Adobe XD, Figma, Miro
Duration: 2 Weeks

If your customers are delinquent in paying back their debts, it will cost you more to pursue them.

Unlike other debt collection companies, our platform offers a lower cost of repayment with no up-front fees. This pain-free way to collect on your debts is the latest way for you to manage delinquent accounts.

The end of the project was a great reminder that design is never finished. Even after I had spent hours designing, there are always new ideas to explore and ways to improve my work. It’s important not to take your designs for granted because you may miss an opportunity to make them better! Do you have a similar product design you would like me to build? Let me know by emailing me at