Stay on track with your monthly budget and plan for upcoming expenses with UrgentBudget

The UrgentBudget app will walk you through each step of the budgeting process.

I wanted to make a powerful, user-friendly app that can help people better manage their money. I crafted the design to be clean and intuitive so it’s straightforward to add in income and expenses. The app also calculates how much you can add to your savings when you set a goal.

Pain: As a student, managing your finances is difficult.
Agitate: I designed a budget planner app that helps you manage your money and plan for the future. Budgeting has never been easier!
What’s the solution?: With UrgentBudget, you can get the financial help you need to end worry and stress about money.

Attention: Feeling too busy to take care of your financial life?
Interest: The UrgentBudget app will walk you through each step of the budgeting process.
Desire: With UrgentBudget, it’s never been easier or more convenient to stay on top of your finances.
Action: Introducing the first ever “rent-to-own” moving company!

ABOUT UrgentBudget
We live in a world where incomes and expenses fluctuate. It is difficult to stay on top of all your finances and make sure you’re setting and meeting your goals.
UrgentBudget was designed with this reality in mind. We believe that almost everyone could use some help managing their finances and staying on top of their spending, which is why we built an app specifically for those people.

Why Blue?

I thought this was really important because blue is a way to bring trust, calming, clarity, energy and creativity.

A cohesive story

Your app is trying to win the hearts of your audience. If you want to differentiate your app from other finance-related apps, it’s important to think about branding. Does your finance app look like an accounting firm logo? Design plays a big role in the success of your financial app. Good design will get noticed but bad design can get you dismissed quickly.

Keeping everything organised

I find trello to be a great tool for my ux design process because I can keep track of all my thoughts and ideas in one place. It’s also easy to share with others so that I can get feedback on them from people who have different perspectives. This helps me know if the changes I’m making are going in the right direction or not, helping me avoid making the same mistakes twice.

To get key points for how the app should look, I did a series of wireframes. This helped to form a visual idea, get to know the user base, and help me stay on concept.