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Fennel Markets

When I joined the Fennel project, our mission was to create a seamless and empowering investment experience for users. The tagline “Superempowered Investing Starts Here” perfectly encapsulated our goal. Every design decision and user interaction aimed to make investing accessible, insightful, and user-friendly, with advanced tools and high-quality customer service.

Our journey began with an in-depth understanding of the investment needs and pain points of our target users. We conducted surveys and interviews, gathering insights to inform our design strategy. The feedback emphasized the importance of easy account creation, intuitive onboarding, and robust data analytics tools. These insights became the foundation of our design process.

Account Creation and Onboarding
Creating a smooth and intuitive account creation and onboarding experience was crucial. We designed a straightforward and user-friendly flow that guided users through the registration process. This included clear instructions, helpful prompts, and a welcoming interface to ensure users felt confident and supported from the start.

UX Screen Flows
I worked on several key UX screen flows to enhance the platform’s functionality and user experience:

Data Screens – These screens provided users with detailed insights into their investments. We designed them to present complex financial data in an easily digestible format, using visualizations and intuitive layouts.

Watchlist – The watchlist feature allowed users to track their favorite stocks and investment opportunities. We focused on creating a clean and organized interface, making it easy for users to add, remove, and monitor their watchlist items.

Portfolio – The portfolio screen was designed to give users a comprehensive view of their holdings. Advanced portfolio analytics provided high-grade breakdowns of combined holdings, including industry exposure, dividend yield, average beta, and price-to-earnings ratios.

Wallet – The wallet screen enabled users to manage their funds with ease. We ensured it was secure and transparent, providing users with clear information about their balances, transaction history, and available actions.

Pitch Deck
In addition to UX design, I also worked on the pitch deck for Fennel. The pitch deck needed to convey the brand’s value proposition effectively, showcasing its unique features and advantages. We highlighted key aspects such as unlimited trading with zero commissions, advanced portfolio analytics, exclusive company data, and superior customer service. The pitch deck was designed to be visually appealing and persuasive, aimed at attracting investors and stakeholders.

Collaboration and Tools
Collaboration was key to our success. Regular Slack standups, Microsoft Teams meetings, and live project syncs ensured seamless communication and alignment with the team. We used tools like Figma for designing interactive prototypes, ClickUp for managing sprints, and Loom for creating explanatory videos and annotations for developers.

Visual Design
Visually, the platform needed to convey professionalism and innovation. We chose a vibrant and modern design aesthetic, with a focus on clarity and usability. The color palette and typography were selected to enhance readability and provide a sleek, professional look.

Customer Feedback
The positive feedback from users confirmed that our approach was effective. Users appreciated the intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and high-quality customer service. Testimonials highlighted the platform’s ease of use, informative features, and supportive team, reinforcing Fennel’s position as a leading investment platform.

In the end, the work on Fennel’s account creation, onboarding, data, watchlist, portfolio, and wallet UX screen flows, as well as the pitch deck, successfully positioned the brand as a leader in democratized investing. Each design choice and feature was crafted with the intention of empowering users and enhancing their investment experience. Working on this project, especially with such a dedicated and innovative team, was a testament to the power of thoughtful, user-centered design in transforming the investment landscape.

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