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Wellthi's app cuts branch costs, boosts low-cost deposits, and taps billion-dollar opportunities for under-45 consumers

Your Virtual Advisor


When I joined the Wellthi project, our mission was to empower financial institutions and their customers through seamless Virtual Advisor Technology. The “Your Virtual Advisor” campaign was designed to break down financial barriers and provide a comprehensive, engaging platform for financial management and education. This case study outlines the strategic development and implementation of Wellthi’s Virtual Advisor app, which aims to increase deposits, cross-sell products, and enhance customer engagement.

Understanding User Needs

Our journey began with in-depth user research to identify the challenges faced by financial institutions and their customers, particularly those under 45. We discovered that millennials and Gen Z prefer receiving financial advice through social networks rather than traditional methods. This insight guided our user-centric design approach, ensuring that Wellthi’s features were tailored to meet these preferences.

Collaboration and Tools

Collaboration was a cornerstone of our process. Our team, spread across California, Lagos, and Nairobi, utilized Slack for daily communication and standups. Brainstorming sessions were conducted on FigJam, where we mapped out user flows and generated ideas. We managed our sprints efficiently using ClickUp and Notion, keeping the project aligned with our goals.

Feature Development

Mobile App: I focused on developing key features for the Wellthi mobile app, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and robust functionality. The loan application process was designed to be quick and intuitive, allowing users to apply for and receive loans with ease. The payment tracking system enabled real-time monitoring of transactions, helping users manage their finances effectively.

Business Web App for Payroll Management: The web app was a critical component aimed at simplifying payroll processes for businesses. Starting with wireframes, we identified essential features such as employee management, salary calculations, and automated tax filings. High-fidelity prototypes were created in Figma, ensuring usability and efficiency.

Branding and Strategy

Developing the brand guidelines and new brand strategy was integral to positioning Wellthi as a reliable financial partner. The brand guidelines included a cohesive visual identity with a modern logo, a refined color palette, and clear typography. We created brand graphics that reflected Wellthi’s commitment to innovation and empowerment.

Interactive Prototypes and Documentation

Creating interactive prototypes was crucial for visualizing ideas and gathering feedback. Using Figma, I developed detailed prototypes that demonstrated the app’s functionality and user flow. These were shared with stakeholders and developers, along with Loom videos explaining the design rationale. Comprehensive documentation ensured a smooth handoff to the development team.

Collaboration and Project Management

Managing a team of over 100 members across different time zones required efficient collaboration tools. ClickUp and Notion were essential for tracking progress and maintaining transparency. Regular Slack standups kept everyone aligned, while FigJam sessions fostered creativity and problem-solving.

Visual Design

The platform was designed to be professional yet approachable. We chose a clean and modern aesthetic, focusing on usability and accessibility. The color palette and typography were selected to convey trust and reliability, essential qualities for a financial services platform.

Impact and Results

The “Your Virtual Advisor” campaign successfully positioned Wellthi as a leader in financial solutions for small businesses. Each design choice and feature was crafted to empower users to break free from financial constraints. The campaign achieved significant milestones:

  • Conversion to Install Rate: 82% of users created an account after downloading the app.
  • User Engagement: 28% of users liked, commented, shared, or scheduled an appointment per month.
  • Retention Rate: 58% of users logged in every 30 days, and 17% requested and attended financial advisor appointments.

Working on this project, especially with such a talented and dedicated team, was a testament to the impact of thoughtful, user-centered design in transforming business operations. The Wellthi Virtual Advisor app not only enhanced customer relationships but also positioned the company at the forefront of America’s $68 trillion wealth transfer.

Looking Ahead

Wellthi continues to innovate with features like financial literacy gamification and real-time content optimization. The technology evolves based on engagement analysis, ensuring that Wellthi remains a leading solution in the financial services industry.

For more information and collaboration, visit Wellthi.

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