Jide Pinheiro

Poolit allows users to invest in private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds with no minimum and aims to democratize advanced information on investments, transmitting it straightforwardly through its platforms.


When I joined the Poolit project, our mission was to democratize access to private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds. The tagline “Democratizing Investment Opportunities” perfectly captured our goal. Every feature and interaction on the Poolit platform needed to make advanced investment opportunities accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial standing.

Our journey began with comprehensive research to understand the needs of potential investors. We conducted surveys and interviews with a diverse group of users to identify their challenges and preferences. The feedback highlighted the need for a platform that was both informative and user-friendly, capable of transmitting complex investment information in a straightforward manner.

Collaboration was essential to our success. Working with a dynamic team, we used Slack for daily standups and communication, Microsoft Teams for meetings, and live project syncs to ensure everyone was on the same page. This collaborative approach allowed us to iterate quickly and refine our ideas effectively.

Feature Development for the Web App: I worked on several new features for the Poolit web app, focusing on enhancing the user experience and providing valuable investment tools. One key feature was the Investment Dashboard, which provided users with a comprehensive view of their portfolio, performance metrics, and market trends. Another significant feature was the Investment Insights section, offering users advanced information and analytics on their investments, presented in a clear and accessible manner.

Onboarding Screens: Creating a seamless onboarding experience was crucial for attracting and retaining users. We designed intuitive onboarding screens that guided new users through the registration process, helping them set up their profiles and understand the platform’s features. The goal was to make the onboarding process as smooth and informative as possible, ensuring users felt confident and empowered from the start.

Investment, Pool Page, and Adjust Allocation Screens: Designing the Investment Page was a critical task. We wanted users to easily explore and invest in various private equity, venture capital, and hedge fund options. The page included detailed information about each investment opportunity, including risk assessments, potential returns, and expert analyses.

The Pool Page allowed users to view and manage their pooled investments. It featured an intuitive interface where users could see the performance of their pooled funds, make adjustments, and track their progress.

The Adjust Allocation Screen was designed to give users control over their investment allocations. This feature enabled users to rebalance their portfolios, shift investments based on market trends, and optimize their strategies with ease.

Throughout the design process, usability testing was integral. We conducted tests with target users to gather feedback and iterate on our designs, ensuring the platform was user-friendly and met their needs. The positive feedback we received confirmed that our approach was effective and user-centric.

Visually, the platform needed to convey professionalism and trust. We chose a clean and modern design aesthetic, with a focus on clarity and accessibility. The color palette and typography were selected to enhance readability and provide a premium look and feel.

In the end, the work on Poolit’s features, onboarding screens, and key interfaces successfully positioned the platform as a leader in democratizing investment opportunities. Each design choice and feature was crafted with the intention of making advanced investment information accessible and straightforward for all users. Working on this project, especially with such a talented and dedicated team, was a testament to the impact of thoughtful, user-centered design in transforming the investment landscape.

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